Sip | Wash | Spin
Put a load on, whilst you take a load off.

Bubble Box was born after two time poor girls experienced the frustrations of apartment living and the washing woes that came with it. We don’t know who designed the zillion apartment blocks in Sydney without internal laundry facilities, but we do know they probably hadn’t had their morning coffee and that their mum definitely still washes their clothes.

Bubble Box aims to take the chore out of laundry. You can grab a coffee and pastry, logon and smash out a bit of work or just enjoy some people watching on The Corso. Oh, and we’ve got a bunch of massive washers and dryers too. Basically, we’re here so you can take a load off, whilst you put one on.



We are located at the wharf end of The Corso.

Park for 2 hours free in Whistler Street carpark and visit us through the laneway to The Corso, or snag a rockstar 30 minute park out the front.

Dee Why

We are located on Pacific Parade, opposite Dee Why Grand Shopping Centre.

Park for 2 hours free in Dee Why Grand carpark, or snag a 30 or 60 minute park out the front.

Manly Opening Hours

Weekday: 7am-3pm
Weekend: 7am-7pm

Dee Why Opening Hours

7 days: 6am-10pm




Whether you’ve just got to pop your delicates on, it’s your week to wash the rugby team jerseys or you’ve got a neglected and overflowing dirty clothes basket, we have you covered.

All machines are tap and pay, because who has coins anymore? Plus, the washers have laundry liquid and softener auto dispensed, so no need to BYO.

Got better things to do with your time?
We also offer same day drop and collect for an additional $5 to wash, dry and bag.

Single Load Washing Machines


35 Minute Cycle

Double Load Washing Machines


35 Minute Cycle

Double Load Gas Dryers


40 Minute Cycle




As the old saying goes, “while one’s laundry is spinning, one must be sipping”, or something like that… The point is, if you want to stick around while your laundry is washing or drying, we encourage, no, we insist that you do!

We serve Single O coffee all day every day, along with pastries from Brickfields Bakery.

We’ve also got free wifi and café-style seating so you can crack on with a bit of work if you fancy.